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“PO” is the Thai word meaning the “Bodhi Tree” and “Bodhi Leaf”

The tree is a symbol of “wisdom” as it links to the tree that Buddha sat to practice and do meditation until Buddha found enlightenment.

The leaf is recognizable by its heart-shape used to represent the meaning of love.

“PO” is applied to the sign as a symbol of success by merging knowledge (wisdom-head) and passion (love-heart) together in everything that you do.

When I was training as a therapist I got what is the keyword for being a good therapist.

That made me understand how to merge knowledge and passion together in massage.

Only having good knowledge in massage lines, anatomy, pressure points and remember all the massage procedure is not enough. The healing process for massage uses hands touching the client. So the therapist has to concentrate and focus on where to put the hands on the client’s body.

That is the keyword to do a successful massage.

“Have a good knowledge of massage and doing massage from the heart.”

Naming the shop “PO” always reminds the keyword to do a successful massage for clients.

At “Po Healthy Massage” we always offer a professional and quality service to clients from our heart.