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Mickey (Massage Therapist)

– Oil Massage and Aromatherapy in 2015
– Foot Massage in 2015
– Advanced Medical Thai Massage in 2015
– Professional Thai Massage for Health in 2018

Mickey is a qualified massage therapist with several years experience who studied at the acclaimed Watpo Thai Traditional Massage School in Bangkok.

Mickey grew up in an environment surrounded by spas and massage clinics as massage is unique and famous to the culture of her home town. She became familiar with massage from a young age as her parents were the first teachers and recipients who taught her massage therapy.

She also enjoys a good massage and knows very well the benefits of massage physically and mentally. This made her interested in becoming a massage therapist offering a professional and quality service to clients. She started her career as a therapist in 2015 and found she really loves to help people and take care of them in this way.

Having been in New Zealand for nearly 8 years and working at various massage therapy clinics she started her own practice successfully in 2018.

Mickey is very friendly and easy to talk to and offers various massage techniques specializing in relaxation, deep tissue and traditional Thai massage.

Mickey is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with dogs around her.